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A Papier-mâché Sea Monster


A group of Y1 to Y4 school children have made a giant sea monster named Lilo, from papier-mâché. This sea monster is associated with a science project, focussing on pollution in the oceans.

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A Papier-mâché Sea Monster
A Papier-mâché Sea Monster

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    How to do it
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    Here is a picture of the sea monster.
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    Make the sea monster skeleton from wire netting using side cutters.
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    Shape the wire netting into a large tube and fill it with scrunched-up newspapers.
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    Push a cardboard tube into one end and cover it with card. This will be the sea monster's nose.
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    Push a wooden stick into the other end. Attach a cut-out piece of card onto the stick. This will be the sea monster's tail fin.
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    Now cover the model completely with newspaper strips and wallpaper paste.
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    Prime the sea monster with white paint. Add more paint in different colours once dry.
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    Attach the sea monster's fins. It is now ready to hang in the communal area.
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    Linguistic intelligence. Enhanced by activities in which children must use their abilities to think in terms of speech, use language and have aptitude for learning new words and foreign languages.
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    Intuitive intelligence. Enhanced by activities in which children must use their abilities to sense what (perhaps) will happen, and by mind reading and thinking synchronously.
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