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A Bracelet with a Jewellery Pendant, Braiding and a Macramé Fastening


Make this braided bracelet from cotton cord and a glass cabochon jewellery pendant. The bracelet is fastened with a macramé fastening and glued-on end caps.

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A Bracelet with a Jewellery Pendant, Braiding and a Macramé Fastening
A Bracelet with a Jewellery Pendant, Braiding and a Macramé Fastening

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    How to do it
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    Cut a 90 cm piece of cotton cord. Thread a jewellery pendant with two loops onto the cotton cord as shown in the picture.
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    Secure the glass cabochon jewellery pendant on the clip board and start braiding. Make a knot by placing the two cords as shown in the picture so that they form an reverse teardrop shape.
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    Take the cord on the right and place it underneath the teardrop and over the cord on the left. Now take the cord on the left and place it over the teardrop and underneath the cord on the right. This picture shows what the knot looks like just before tightening the cords.
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    Here is the knot made with a thicker cord to better illustrate the technique.
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    Keep braiding following the procedure described in step 3. When the braided section measures approx. 6.5 cm, repeat the procedure on the opposite side of the glass cabochon jewellery pendant.
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    Arrange the 2 x 2 cords parallel with each other. Cut a new piece of cotton cord for the macramé fastening described in steps 7-11.
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    The four parallel cords are equivalent to the middle cord in the next two steps.
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    The first knot.
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    The second knot.
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    Repeat these two knots till the braided section measures approx. 2.5 cm. Cut off the ends, leaving approx. 1 cm.
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    Melt the ends with a lighter and immediately push them into the braided section.
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    Apply Super Glue to the 2 x 2 cord ends and leave to dry. Cut the cord ends diagonally and thread on crimpy beads tubes. Apply glue onto the cord where you want to position the crimpy beads tube and slide it over the glue. Leave the glue to dry and then trim the cord ends.
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