BioBeads tube beads


BioBeads tube beads

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Environmentally friendly beads, perfect for those who want to be creative while taking care of our environment..

NABBI BioBeads are the sustainable choice for beads. Just like standard beads, they can easily be ironed together. First, place the beads on a pegboard and cover with baking paper. Then carefully iron with light pressure to let the beads fuse together. Allow to cool before removing the baking paper. After it cools down, remove the design from the pegboard. Please note: We do not recommend ironing NABBI BioBeads together with standard NABBI beads as the standard beads are more heat sensitive than NABBI BioBeads..

With NABBI BioBeads, you can be creative with a clear conscience, since they decompose in nature without leaving contamination in water or soil. You can safely start creating lots of beaded objects:.

  • Create bead designs on pegboards.
  • Use the beads to make bead jewellery such as necklaces and earrings.
  • Make cute Christmas and Easter decorations for hanging on the window sill.
  • Create beautiful napkin rings to decorate for a party.

NABBI BioBeads are biodegradable because they are made from the material, Biodolomer. Biodolomer is made from Swedish rapeseed oil and lime from Norway. That is why NABBI's environmentally friendly beads are the perfect choice for those who care about sustainability. The beads come in a wide range of colours, making it extra easy to create lots of colourful bead looks. Both adults and children can use the eco-friendly beads – either to make beautiful pearl jewellery or to create beautiful motifs on pegboards. The delightful little bead projects strengthen fine motor skills as well as creativity.

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Composite characteristicscharacteristics: medium
Ean nummer7393968006737
Retail quantity 1 pack
Content quantity 3000 pc
size 5x5 mm
Colour orange

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