Silicone Oil


Silicone Oil

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Create beautiful cells/bubbles in your fluid painting/acrylic pouring with this silicone-based medium, which is added to a mixture of acrylic paint and Pouring-Fluid from the same series. Silicone oil gives new properties to the paint mix, giving the final result an abstract, cell-like expression..

Follow the method by mixing acrylic paint and Pouring-Fluid in one cup per colour. Now, add 2-3 drops of the silicone oil to the mixture (per colour) and stir. Once all the colours have been added in layers in one beaker and turned out onto a painting canvas, the many bubbles/cells can be pushed further around, for example by blowing gently with a straw or a hair dryer at a low temperature. Note: Remember to cover the surface where you will be working with plastic first..

With Acrylic-Pouring and silicone oil, you can easily create abstract paintings without being a 'born artist'. A really fun activity where you never know the result in advance and where the expression can vary infinitely. Try testing out the technique on other surfaces such as wood

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